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Please set aside any toys that makes your children laugh. Also feel free to give your child a small plain snack 30 min or so before shoot. You don’t want you child to be too hungry at the start of the shoot. It tends to make the baby more grumpy, rather then being extra eager to eat cake.  

DO NOT feed your child anything that could stain their skin the day of the shoot. Examples are:  pizza, tomato sauce, grape juice, dark juices, chocolate, etc.  The flash of the camera can show up a stain that you cannot see with the naked eye.   Please do not schedule anything directly before or after the shoot – you don’t want to feel rushed or stressed during the shoot.  

Payment: All shoots require $25 non refundable deposit, due at time of booking. Email money transfer suggested. email : Remaining payment is due the day of shoot. You can pay by cash or cheque ,payable to “Sandra Hext”.

Is there anything I forgot to cover? Anything you want to add?Questions? Comments?Thanks for choosing Sandra Hext Photography and look for us on Facebook!Yours Truly,Sandra HextThe Small Print:Please give 24 hours notice for cancellations. All photos are in digital form only, you havethe rights to print yourself, post on facebook etc. Photos will be emailedto you in high resolution 3 weeks from your shoot date. A hard copy ofyour disc/photos can be picked up from the studio on McAnulty. If youwould like disc mailed directly to your home an addition $5 is requiredfor shipping and handling.

*All shoots require a signature of my copyright and release form . I can send you a copy of it before you book so you can read it over and make sure everything is OK before you book. It is a standard safety and copyright form and you do have the OPTION to not release your personal photos.