FrequentlyAsked Questions
Sandra Hext Photography

1Q: How much do you charge?

1A: All pricing info is on my website check out this link 

2Q: How far in advance should I book?

2A: 2-3 months if you want to be sure you get a certain date, summer time and weekends tend to book fast. However during the weekdays I sometimes have a last minute opening! For newborn shoots I suggest for people for pay the deposit and fill out questionnaire about 2 months before due date. I will pencil you in a spot of your due date . When the baby is born you contact me as soon as you can after birth and I will fit you in with in 4-5 days of contacting me. Or whatever dates work for you . I suggest first 10 days of life if possible.

3Q: Why do I need to do my newborn shoot with in first 10 -14 days of birth?

3A: I can be flexible on this time line, however if you are really wanting baby sleeping posed photos or naked photos this time line is very important! After 2 weeks of age the baby is usually to alert and awake , moves more etc. * Please note safety is top priority at newborn shoots and I reserve the right on the rare occasion to refuse a pose if it is not safe for baby in anyway*

4Q: How do I book at shoot?

4A: Contact me directly via facebook, email or my website. We will discuss date and details. Deposit is due at time of booking. Shoots require $25-50 non refundable deposit, due at time of booking. Email money transfer suggested. email : Remaining payment is due the day of shoot. You can pay by cash or cheque , payable to “Sandra Hext”. *All shoots require a signature of my copyright and release form . I can send you a copy of it before you book so you can read it over and make sure everything is OK before you book. It is a standard safety and copyright form and you do have the OPTION to not release your personal photos.

5Q: How many photos do I get how do I get my photos? Do I get “all the photos” you take during the shoot?

5A: The number of photos depending on the package you book - All pricing and package info is on my website check out this link . I do not give out RAW or unedited photos. You will receive the number of photos in your package in digital form on disc.

6Q: do I get to pick my edited photos?

6A: Choosing the photos to be edited is part of the package and service I offer. Photos are carefully selected and often there is something I see in a photo that may be looked over for a flaw that I am able to edit. If you are doing head shots however I often make an exception to this rule. If you are still wanting to preview or select photos to be edited there is a $20 fee and usually at least 7 day additional days.

7Q: can I order more photos? How much are they ?

7A: You also have the option to order more edited photos ( $60 flat rate for every 5 extra photos).

8Q: do you provide props for newborn shoots?

8A: Yes! I have a ton of wraps blankets baskets headbands and more. Ask me if there is something specific you have in mind. Also you are more then welcome to bring some of your own times or mementos!

9Q:do you provide maternity outfit?

9A: I do have several maternity gowns in adjustable sizes, let me know priory to shoot date if you are interested.

10Q:do you provide children outfits?

10A: No you must provide your own outfit for all children shoots including cake smashes.

11Q: What does your cake smash include?

11A: All pricing info is on my website check out this link Prices includes tax! You must provide you own outfit(s) or diaper cover. I only do cake smashes in studio or an outdoor location. You fill out a questionnaire to customize shoot and I provide decorations. I do “ONE” letter sign photos at the start of the shoot then cake smash then tub photos (if interested) . *cake NOT included *

12Q: do you have a studio space ?

12A You can book your shoot at my studio space, in my house on McAnulty Blvd L8H 3H4, an outdoor location, or I can come to your home and stage a space there in an open space by a window utilizing natural lighting. Shoots in clients home (your home) do require minimum of 1 hour booking.

13Q: Do you charge more for travel?

13A: Only for newborn shoots . There is a $50 for newborn shoots only. All other types of shoots have no travel fees as long at it is with in 45 minute drive from Hamilton.

14Q: how do I get my photos?

14A: A digital gallery with high resolution images & and link that allows you to download.If you would like disc mailed directly to your home an addition $5 is required for shipping and handling.