Newborn Questionnaire

Gender of Baby

Will there be other siblings of the baby included in the shoot?

Location of Shoot


*** Family Pose Only** Which Colour tops do you plan to wear ?

Do you have colours in mind for your shoot?

 Other Information:

What should you wear to the photo shoot? Solid plain whites or neutral

shirts (mom and dad should have same colour shirt).

Please bring any small items of your baby’s, e.g., a special blanket, toy,

suffered animal, boots, shoes, etc. That would like included in the shoot .

Hair/Makeup for Mom: Great hair and makeup makes ALL the difference in

your photographs! Natural makeup is best. Both mom and dad need clean,

moisturized hands (and mom might want to do her nails before the shoot).

Please DO NOT feed your older child(ren) anything that could stain their

skin the day of the shoot, e.g., tomato sauce, grape juice, or anything

colourful. The flash of the camera can show up a stain that you cannot

see with the naked eye.

PLEASE NOTE: Babies tend to be very hungry during newborn shoots. And they seem to really enjoy taking lots of breaks to have some milk. This is just for your information, so you know this is totally normal and if you like you have the option to bring any additional supplies. Again this is obviously totally in (your) the parents hands.

IF POSSIBLE it is best to bring a sleepy baby. Feel free to feed the baby

at start of shoot as that will often put them to sleep. If your baby does

not fall asleep as easily DO NOT worry! We will work with the baby’s mood

to get the best photos possible.

Please do not schedule anything directly before or after the shoot – you

don’t want to feel rushed or stressed during the shoot.

Is there anything I forgot to cover? Anything you want to add?

Questions? Comments?

Thanks for choosing Sandra Hext Photography and look for us on Facebook!

Yours Truly,

Sandra Hext

The Small Print:

Edited photos are included in the hourly rate. Please give 24 hours notice for cancellations. All photos are in

digital form only, you have the rights to print yourself, post on facebook

etc. Photos will be emailed to you in high resolution 3 weeks from your

shoot date. A hard copy of your disc/photos can be picked up from the

studio on McAnulty. If you would like disc mailed directly to your home an

addition $5 is required for shipping and handling.

*************All shoots require a signature of my copyright and release form . I can send you a copy of it before you book so you can read it over and make sure everything is OK before you book. It is a standard safety and copyright form and you do have the OPTION to not release your personal photos.************