Location : Stonewell Farms *** PLEASE look at the location and intersections - I will not be able to give you instructions as you are driving as I may be shooting****

9762 Wellington Rd 42, Terra Cotta, ON L0P 1N0

Please note there are BEES at this location - if you have any allergies please let me know ( or consider not booking this location) . Please bring any epee-pens or allergy meds on date of your shoot. 


Venue Notes

Please ensure your clients stay on the grass sections and do not walk amongst the lavender
plants, as they are easily damaged.

2. We have 9 beehives on the property and the bees are active in the lavender field. We request
that you have adult and children’s Benadryl on hand in case of a sting. We do have Epi pens on
the premises however, we will not be responsible for administering them. The parents must do
that if they deem necessary.

3. We prefer to not have dogs present and only if a client insists. Dogs must be on leash 100% of
the time. We have free ranging chickens and two were killed by a dog last year. It is a messy
business and very unsettling for children to witness this.

4. Wellington County Covid-19 guidelines must be followed that are in place for your date.

5. Stonewell Farm will not be held liable if either you or your client believe you have contracted
Covid -19 while on our property.

What to Wear??