Hi there I have just sent you an email with your final edited photos. Hope you enjoy.


  • Download to a COMPUTER ! Do not download to a phone/tablet for quality reasons.

  • Your gallery will expire in 30 days.

  • PRINT QUALITY INFO: You are able to order fine art quality prints directly through this website.

  • You do have the full rights to print anywhere you like. However I do not assist with any questions when printing with other companies .

  • Your photo are in 8x12 inch 300 DPI quality. Ask your printer about print quality before you print. You need a fine art quality printer if you want true quality to be represented.

  • Please note that kiosks, walmart, staples etc! They will not represent the colour and quality in the same way as any fine art printing house.

  • When printed your photos should look that SAME as they do on your computer screen ( quality, colouring , pixelation)

  • How to order prints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJtniW4R8sk